“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth”

– The most profound and memorable opening to any book – declares a purpose for our existence as humans and the rest is history. The Creation Discovery Centre examines this history and provides a rare opportunity to see hard evidence interpreted with a Biblical worldview.

The Creation Discovery Centre Tasmania has been established to present scientific and Biblical evidence that the history of the world is as described in the most amazing book ever written, the Bible.

Our beautifully laid out museum challenges the current widely held notion that life on earth is the result of millions of years of random chance evolution. Open-minded enquirers will learn the solid case for God’s purposeful design in nature, as was understood by some of the greatest scientific minds that have ever lived.

It is time that some balance was brought back into the discussion on origins, as scientific advances continue to discover the intricate complexity of life that confounds outdated theories, such as Darwinian evolution.

We are here to do that, and our intention is to continue to grow the attraction to help people discover the truth of why life exists on earth.

—  Exhibition

Noah’s Flood – Fact or Fantasy?


Our opening exhibition, “Noah’s Flood – Fact or Fantasy?” explores this world-changing event and the gripping evidence for it. The catastrophic great flood explains much of what we discover in the fossil record, coal and oil deposits and other geological features.

You will see…

  • World-class fossils including a giant gharial crocodile skull, trilobites, Tasmanian fossils and many others
  • Mini-theatrette with educational presentations

  • A beautifully constructed Noah’s Ark scale model

  • Flood stories from other cultures
  • A rapid stalactite generator

  • And more!

*** Educational presentations

Interactive Workshops

Come and discover some of the clues.

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—  Opening Hours & Prices

Come & see for yourself


May – August
Monday-Wednesday by appointment, call Craig on 0487 343 348
Thursday – Saturday open 10am – 3pm

September – April
Monday – Saturday 10-3pm

Adult $7
Child $4
Family $20 (2 parents/carers and their children)


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—  Location

Shed 1C, Inspection Head Wharf
200 Flinders Street Beauty Point

Adjacent to Seahorse World.

Driving time from Launceston is approximately 45 minutes and from Devonport about 1 hour via the Frankford Highway.

Other Things To Do

Platypus House
Seahorse World

The Creation Discovery Centre is right between two of the major attractions in the area, Seahorse World and Platypus House. Enjoy a great meal with fantastic views at The Cormorant-Café on the Pier, level 1 Seahorse World.

Greens Beach Tasmania

On nice days, a walk along Greens Beach to the mouth of the Tamar River is a great way to unwind or drive down Gardeners Road at Greens Beach to Narawntapu National Park and the magnificent cliff-top lookout on West Head.

Who we are

Creation Discovery Centre Tasmania Inc. is an Association of passionate people supported by a wide range of Christian denominations and individuals. We are also proudly supported by Creation Research, who have supplied numerous high-quality fossils and technical support. The executives of the Centre are Brendan and De Arn Foley of Launceston and Craig and Rachelle Hawkins of Beauty Point. We declare that Jesus Christ is Creator, Saviour and Lord.

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Creation Discovery Centre Tasmania
PO Box 363
Beauty Point Tas 7270